An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Dentsu Group Internal Control System

We believe that the Dentsu Group Internal Control System encourages compliance among Directors, Executive Officers, and employees, while supporting continuous corporate development as Dentsu meets its social responsibilities. The Company has established the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct to ensure that operations conform to laws and regulations and that business is conducted appropriately. The code also forms the basis of the internal control system. Based on the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, the Company familiarizes all employees with the relevant business procedures through regulations, manuals, and training. Check items relating to risk management and compliance have been created, and inspections are carried out from various perspectives, discovering problems and working on improvements.

In addition, a similar internal control structure is being deployed in Group companies in order to maintain and improve the corporate value of the entire Dentsu Group.

Risk Management

On the hypothesis that the Company faces diverse risks, Dentsu has created a structure to prevent the spread of damage and minimize impact in the event a risk is actualized. The CSR Committee has oversight over the structure.

The risks faced by a business change according to the prevailing economic and social conditions. Each year, Dentsu reviews its hypothesis, specifies major risks with the potential for serious impact, and implements focused measures to counter these risks.

Continued Response to Large-Scale Disasters

Dentsu continues to develop measures in order to respond to large-scale disasters with a focus on earthquakes. This fiscal year Dentsu conducted a review of all disaster response manuals aiming to improve its response effectiveness. Specifically, Dentsu integrated and streamlined its existing manuals into a major earthquake response business continuity plan outline, as well as newly creating a procedure manual that makes it easy to understand at a glance what actions to take in the first 12 hours after an earthquake in order to minimize damage