An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Dentsu's Basic CSR Structure

In Dentsu’s basic CSR structure, we have updated the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct under the Dentsu Group’s corporate philosophy. We have also set out seven key areas for Dentsu Group's CSR activities on which our specific activities are based.

We took the occasion of the acquisition of the former Aegis Group plc of the UK to formulate an updated Dentsu Group Code of Conduct in April 2013 based on ISO 26000, the international standard for CSR. This was done in order to indicate the role of corporate governance in each country in which the Group operates, our efforts for human rights and the environment, and our policies for those as the Dentsu Group further expands globally.

As the new basic philosophy for the Dentsu Group’s CSR program, we have laid out actions that Dentsu Group managers and employees worldwide must undertake to fulfill their respective responsibilities to society and have committed ourselves to their adherence.

Dentsu's Basic CSR Structure