COVID-19 represents a transformational force unprecedented in modern times. The ripple effects of what started out as a health crisis are not only disrupting nations, economies and lives in the short term but – as is becoming increasingly clear – have a lasting impact on the ways we live, work, socialise, consume, trade and travel.

Our ability to respond to these changes in constructive ways depends on our ability to sift through the overwhelming torrent of news and information. It's vital to understand key dynamics and derive actionable insights that allow us as marketers to adapt in meaningful ways and develop roadmaps for recovery.

Here we’ve gathered the latest insights, recommendations and frameworks from across the network to ensure you’re equipped to adapt, recover and grow.

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On Brand Episode 29: The rise of community & humanity

For this episode of #OnBrand, we spoke to Dan Calladine, Head of Media Futures at Carat, about how crises can bring out the best in people and how this extends to corporations and their leaders as well.

On Brand Episode 28: Authentic brand building in a time of crisis

For this episode of #OnBrand, we speak to Sean Healy, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Carat, about how brands can not just survive but thrive during this crisis by focusing on authenticity and genuine value exchange.

On Brand Episode 27: Operating in a new environment

It goes without saying that 2020 has taken an unprecedented turn of events, with the pandemic crisis of COVID-19 rapidly shifting the world into a “new normal,” on both a personal and professional level.

With more people staying at home and businesses forced to pivot to virtual or digital-first models overnight, we are having to act more quickly than ever before when it comes to operating effectively and in a way that is good for business, good for clients and good for society.

For this episode of On Brand, we hear from Rhys Taylor, Regional Head of Strategy for APAC at gyro, about the key implications for brands operating in what is a very new environment.

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April 2021 Edition Recovery Navigator

Consumers are eager to reconnect to everyday moments like dining out yet less excited to take bigger leaps like attending a live event. It’s clear that recovery may not mean returning to the way th...
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March 2021 Edition: COVID-19 Recovery Navigator

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, marketers, advertisers and consumers have sought to figure out how their lives would be changed. Now, almost a year later, our lives haven’t changed – they...
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February 2021 Edition: COVID-19 Recovery Navigator

This past June, as hundreds of thousands of protesters marched globally in response to the systemic racism at play in the death of George Floyd and many others in the Black community. Eight months ...
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2021 Consumer Outlook: COVID-19 Recovery Navigator

COVID-19 continues to impact the world – from both a health and economic angle. Our latest report explores consumer sentiment towards the outbreak and economic reopening.
Taking the Pulse

November 19th Edition: Navigating the Rocky Road to Recovery

The fourteenth iteration of our dentsu Pulse in which we explore rising trends, shifts in consumer behavior and more as it relates to COVID-19.

Recovery Navigator

November 19th Edition: COVID-19 Recovery Navigator

As we near the end of the year, we ask consumers to reflect on their outlook compared to the beginning of the pandemic, as well as speculate how their behaviors may change in the future. All signs ...
Taking the Pulse

October 15th Edition: Navigating the Rocky Road to Recovery

The thirteenth iteration of our dentsu Pulse in which we explore rising trends, shifts in consumer behavior and more as it relates to COVID-19.

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