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The challenge was to take a 13 year old digital platform, outdated reservation systems and no mobile apps and deliver Enterprise digital and brand transformation.

Isobar's challenge was to design a digital service that would remove unnecessary friction while retaining the warmth, trust and personal service our target audience value.

Enterprise needed a seamless car rental experience that worked across all channels, offline and online. And as a worldwide company, Enterprise’s online customer experience needed to reflect the global brand as well as centralise its technology base. ​


Through mapping the path to purchase in detail across multiple markets, Isobar arrived at a powerful insight: Consumers are not simply renting a car, they are planning a journey.

In creating a “digital handshake”, Isobar wanted to develop a digital ecosystem that reimagines Enterprise’s core service proposition for the 21st Century, based on a rigorous understanding of the power of fostering the connection between customer and customer service, offline and online. ​

Isobar created a cross-platform, scalable, interactive showcase and seamless customer experience that can handle millions of users and billions of dollars across the world.


20+% growth YoY 

25+ countries

30 languages

iOS Top 10 app


Nemzetközi ügynökségként a kreativitásra építve élmény vezérelt digitális transzformációval segítjük széleskörű és komplex üzleti kihívások teljesítését. Budapesti irodánk az elmúlt öt évben több mint 60 díjat nyert, kiemelt ügyfelei közé tartozik a Coca-Cola, a Burger King, a Magyar Telekom, a Rolls-Royce Power System, a Kaspersky, a Tchibo és a Ferrero.

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