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uplift in Ad recall for Bank of Ireland 


higher engagement level than standard TrueView campaigns


Bank of Ireland were about to undertake their most significant campaign in over a decade with the launch of “Begin”. As the most iconic financial institute in Ireland, this was big news. Begin was a line in the sand, a clear articulation of a new consumer facing brand purpose and vision, it needed to be communicated with confidence and with scale. This was about telling our story, creating a real connection with people not just talking at the masses with broadcast. Video was going to play an essential role in our strategy, and we had very clear goals from the outset:

  • Leverage data to reach branding goals: drive ad recall and consideration through BOI’s new marketing platform ‘Begin’.
  • Apply data to drive product consideration: utilize search intel and YouTube for action to reach customers at critical moments and drive product consideration


Using the best of Google &  Bank of Ireland data at scale to deliver on Brand Goals  

 The awareness phase focused on delivering BOI’s new brand ad ‘Begin’ to upper funnel audiences. Our goal was to leverage the best of Google and BOI’s data to drive awareness for the new Brand Launch and put the customer at the heart of the campaign. Collaborating with YouTube to leverage insights on our eligible customers via their proprietary ‘Insights Finder’ tool, allowed us to look at our audience based on their behaviour across all of Google’s 7 properties (Gmail, YouTube, Android, Chrome, Maps, Search and the Google Play Store). 

Full Funnel Video solution: Use Search Intel to drive product consideration 

Users who engaged with the awareness stage of the funnel by viewing or clicking through the ad were moved through to the consideration stage which consisted of three different videos, each with their own product offering: Mortgages, Business and Personal Loans. Using lower funnel ad formats like YouTube’s new TrueView for Action campaigns and overlaying intelligent audience targeting enabled us to drive users to the corresponding landing pages where they could begin their journey with BOI.

YouTube-Search Integration 

We created Custom Intent audiences of our top converting generic search terms to reach relevant people. The custom intent audiences drove the highest CTR of all ad formats. A CTR of 0.67%, representing % of clicks directly on the video in the moment of viewing, demonstrated the strong performance of custom intent targeting and video when they are integrated.


Using a mixture of Trueview and Bumper ad formats to generate reach and impact for the brand launch, we delivered 3.5m Impressions and 1m completed Views. We were also able to identify the best performing segments which uncovered opportunities for future planning based on Bank of Ireland's audience interests and affinities. Brand Lift Results for overarching brand campaign: 

  • 9.2% Uplift in Ad recall for BOI – Best in class when bench-marked against all verticals
  • 3% Uplift in consideration – Best in class when bench-marked against the Finance vertical

We collected audiences of users who engaged with these videos (views or clicks) and brought them along to the next stage of the funnel; the consideration phase.

Not only did we achieve massive reach, but our targeting was so accurate that looking at the engagement level, we were 150% higher than on the standard TrueView campaigns, with the average CTR at 0.50%, and 95,203 viewers who watched the videos to completion!

While it was great to see such a high level of engagement with our ads, the exciting piece was the results within DV360. Using the YouTube for Action format we were able to employ the targeting tactics of Custom Intent, In-Market and Lifestages and from these develop a greater understanding of the strategies that work best for each product.


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