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Increase in qualified visits to the registration page


Increase in sales from paid media channels


Decrease in spend


Attracting new customers as an energy provider is hard. Customers are increasingly looking for the cheapest prices through aggregator sites. If that didn’t make things hard enough, the sales cycle is very short. As customers are in contract for most of the year, there is only three weeks with which to convince them that energia is the right provider for them.


We built a live, in market audience using 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data. This audience consisted of people whose behaviour showed they were in market for an energy provider. We then segmented that audience based on their propensity to buy from energia. Their level of intent to buy from energia determined how we interacted with them and informed our cross-channel messaging, formats, and bidding strategy across PPC, programmatic display and Facebook. 


  • YOY sales increased by 226% for paid media channels (Combined Facebook, Display, PPC) with a decrease in spend of 19%
  • 17% increase in qualified visits to the registration process.

There were four key pillars to the execution of our strategy:

1) Dentsu ID

Dentsu ID is an industry-leading, proprietary API that enables us to securely connect and automatically move data from a clients CRM system into our ad-server. For energia we used it to update audience lists in real-time, and then deliver a more personally relevant message across Facebook, Google AdWords or programmatic display that matched their level of intent at that particular stage of the sales cycle.

2) Dentsu Dynamic

Using our in-house dynamic creative solution, we developed 90 creative variations to improve the personalised nature of our campaign. As well as using it as a re-targeting tactic, we layered in a prospecting message. We sent relevant messages and creative based on where they mapped at the very early stages of the sales cycle.

3) Improved conversion journey using site data

We used site analysis tools like hotjar, google analytics heat mapping and user flow, to monitor where our qualified traffic was dropping off.  The most effective insight we took from this on-going analysis was the need for product pages to be split into individual journeys based on the message the potential customer had clicked. This allowed us to individually personalize the user journey from seeing the ad, right through to conversion.

4) Data-driven attribution

Our strategy was integrated across several channels so to fully understand the role that each partner played, we used data-driven attribution. This involves using unique client campaign data to assign a percentage weighting to each channel in a conversion journey. Released to the Irish market in 2017, within one week of release we had it up and running for Energia. This allowed us to understand how media channels interacted and gave us a true idea of the value of each partner’s performance, re-allocating budget towards the best performing tactic in real-time.

“The dentsu X data strategy is a key growth pillar within our Organisation. dentsu X created a market-leading approach to data management of our sales, marketing and CRM functions to exceed acquisition and retention targets for 2017. Media now plays a much more important role within the overall Energia marketing function. This has been driven by the success in unlocking new tactics that drive marketing KPIs across the entire organisation”
Yvona Ostruszkova, Marketing Manager, Energia