Mario Mira

Product Director, Dentsu Tracking Solution

Mario Mira from Madrid, Spain, is a 10 year experienced professional into the digital representation of the supply chain with a background on Computer Science Engineering. His role into the market has been to define products and value propositions in two key segment needs: regulatory compliance affected products (explosives, tobacco, pharmaceuticals) and supply chain visibility programs (FMCG, Automotive industry).

As Product Manager, Mario has launched several Track&Trace solutions into the market (Honeywell Track&Trace Cloud - an industry agnostic GS1 EPCIS Repository, Honeywell ACT solution - a lightweight scanning data capture solution to gain supply chain visibility in the fragmented distribution market, OneIDentity+ - a platform to allow Logistics Providers and consumers to authenticate Spare Parts in the automotive industry and MovicaTT - a Cloud solution for distributors and miners to track explosives within EU).

Mario plays a key role within Dentsu Tracking defining the products, roadmap and strategy to Track&Trace products within our customer’s supply chain with a problem-solving mindset and maximizing the value extracted from the new uses cases emerging thanks to the digitization of the supply chain.