Nizan Teeni

Head of Performance

Nizan joined dentsu as an Account Strategist in 2016, working primarily on the Waze account. In 2018 he became the Performance Lead for the abaGada brand and since January 2020 he oversees the strategic and professional aspects of the performance and data analytics work we do for all dentsu IL clients. As part of the Head of Performance role, Nizan is responsible for training our new and existing team members and is in charge of our partnerships with leading media and ad-tech companies.

With dentsu IL being a data-driven media management company, Nizan is responsible for developing best practices on how we work with data and how we use data to the benefit of our clients’ business goals.

Prior to joining dentsu Nizan studied Philosophy, Political Science and Economics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He lives in Ramat Gan with his wife Ronnie, where he enjoys having friends over for home-made cocktails and Italian food. His favorite place in the world is Bologna, Italy, to which he travels once a year.

Nizan Teeni

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