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increased total revenue growth 


decreased media investment in search required to achieve efficiency.


more conversions at a 12% lower cost per acquisition in New Zealand


JUCY came to us to review their current performance media ecosystem. As a key investment JUCY undertakes year long, and with complex seasonality across rental and tourism, JUCY wanted to understand how to best utilise budget across Media and Data.

A secondary challenge was to deliver on stretch targets isolated across multiple business units & countries. With inflation from competitor activity, resulting in approximately 50% increased cost per click, we needed to find a better approach to view our efficiency in search, and combat this annual rising cost.


Tackling this problem started with understanding the life cycle and propensity of consumers to convert through the website. We gathered business performance data and meshed it with our search and media data, giving insights and correlation from valuable consumers, propensity to purchase, and also timing of when this was most likely to occur.

With longer consumer journeys when associated with travel, our goal was to be smarted in converting at bottom of the funnel so we could re-invest in brand and engagement & awareness activity that would build propensity of consumers choosing JUCY when ready to convert.  

Understanding the data was useful, however we now needed an implementation strategy across performance media that would now be able to cater towards this. Automated bidding was already in play, but now required a more sophisticated away to approach conversions. iProspect Implemented a proprietary bidding product called Kingston, which allowed real time bidding adjustments across millions of bidding permutations. The methodology also allowed us to view account efficiency in paid search, where we could strip wasted budget, and where we could increase the dial to push more conversions.


The result, is that we immediately started to see cost per click numbers drop, and our conversion rates increase during a very competitive seasonality landscape.

Consumers were able to find rental products timely aided by the assistance from Search. JUCY was able to extract more conversions, with improvements to cost per acquisition, and now re-investing in other key long term brand and consumer marketing activities.


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