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runners registered their time to our Marathon Effort


and 53 minutes will now be matched by ASB with volunteer work in the community


of event participants aware of the campaign


Everyone measures progress differently. Each runner will have an individual goal, whether it’s to beat a personal best or just to prove to themselves they can reach the finish line.


A pledge to match each runner’s time with volunteer work in the community. So, by completing the marathon, runners weren’t just progressing themselves, they were helping communities around New Zealand progress too.

WiTH Collective

WiTH Collective is a full-service agency built for the digital economy.
WiTH Collective was founded based on the need for a change. A change that recognised that facts trump assumptions and creativity should happen everywhere in the process with everyone.

We believe in working together to marry customer insights with a clear business problem. Because that opens up the best opportunities to come up with innovative ideas.
We live it by fusing data with creativity and managing a rapid, inclusive process. By capitalising on a holistic view to uncover the opportunities for creativity to give our client’s business an unfair advantage – pleasing customers in ways they couldn’t imagine.