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Car buying, and especially when it comes to traditional, large engine cars such as Holden's, has long been seen as the domain of men. We set out to change that stereotype and deliver fantastic success to our client.


Holden was seen as a brand for your dad. Women could imagine their Dad driving a Holden but they couldn’t imagine driving a Holden themselves. The brand was so far removed from their lives that they couldn’t picture themselves, or their friends, driving one (let alone buying one).
We needed to put women in the driving seat.

Our campaign objectives focused on getting Holden onto her shopping list.

Ensure our advertising was seen and engaged with by women
Increase Holden as “brand for me” amongst women
Ensure Holden is in her consideration set


Help women imagine what life could be like driving a Holden.  We needed to re frame the Holden brand and put the cars in a context that made sense to women by;  
Harnessing media environments where we could isolate and target women specifically.
Integrate Holden into her everyday, or desired life.
Demonstrate how ‘people like them’ are driving Holden cars

To truly generate relevancy amongst women, we needed to leverage the trust and equity of a reputable media partner.
Enter, Bauer. Not only were they well versed in creating meaningful stories, they were incredibly effective in reaching women through their variety of well-loved lifestyle brands. We worked with Bauer Publishing to develop the idea: ‘Holden Carversations’

A content-based media platform, that put five Holden car models that were most relevant to women, in a relatable context, running four stories across Paperboy, Fashion Quarterly, MissFQ & Taste

Creating new, relevant stories for the Holden brand, cumulatively across print, digital, influencers and social content.

A completely new conversation for Holden.


Ensure our advertising was seen and engaged with:
>1 m reached through social media
260,000 video views
2.87mins dwell time against Bauer average of 1.35mins
>43,000 clicks through to content

Change the perception of Holden as a brand
62% of respondents thought that content created a positive perception of the Holden brand.

Ensure Holden is a brand on the consideration list to potential new buyers
44% of respondents agree that this advertising puts Holden into their consideration set.
>1 in 5 agree that next time they are in the market for a new car, Holden will be a consideration.
During campaign period, we saw an 8% increase in females 18-34 visiting the Holden website.


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