Do the right thing at the right time. 

  1. Consumer insights: With Chinese consumers spending more than three hours a day on their phones, it's become increasingly important to find a connected way to capture online consumer attention and create brand experiences together with them. 
  2. Media strategy: We needed to build e-commerce traffic, and then convert this traffic into sales, while precisely targeting consumers to avoid ineffective media spend. 
  3. A new working method: E-commerce and social media changes every second. To keep up with this pace, we needed to develop a  new way to work together.  


Enter project MARS. 

  • Mobile: With Chinese consumers spending more than three hours a day on their phones, we invested heavily in mobile, creating the first-ever dedicated SKUs to cater for online shoppers seeking a new kind of experience. From Peach, to lemon or vanilla – Using these dedicated SKUs, fans were able to order new flavours of Coca Cola on Tmall and customize their bottles with stickers 
  • Analytics: Harnessing EC RTB media tools on China's two biggest E-Commerce platforms – JD and Tmall,  we built a logic chain that allowed us to precisely target five unique consumer layers.  
    Releasing multiple banners during the 11-11 campaign period, we succeeded in reaching each layer with distinct touch points, all the while harnessing data to optimize our performance and strategy. 
  • Real-time: Coca Cola China and Carat created a WAR-ROOM, a new working method that brands and agency together to track daily sales performance and media results, ensuring that all departments could optimize their strategies in sync. 
  • Social: Turning to social, we created an array of culturally-connected celebrity content and scaled this with KOLs to show consumers that when Coca Cola is part of your life, you can't beat the feeling. 


We made gains off our successful 6.18 campaign, further optimizing our media efficiencies. 

  • Project MARS's smarter targeting increased click rate by 269% 
  • We increased our conversion rate 145% 
  • And increased ROI by 56% 
  • Becoming the drink of the day and doubling last year's sales on JD, and surpassing them by more than 4 1.5 times on Tmall