The need for strategic planning as a capability in Dentsu Aegis Network to drive business growth has never been more acute. But we are faced with the challenge of data and information volume and velocity, time crunch and a small pool of experienced strategic planners. Making the art and science of strategic planning a dying discipline.  

Thus, an opportunity to create a platform that can transform data to insights with A.I. & codified marketing expertise to craft brand growth strategies will be valuable for our business.   

From a commercial perspective, it has been forecasted that global spending by companies on cognitive and AI systems will reach $77.6 billion in 2022. This provides a sizable market opportunity for Dentsu Aegis Network to chart new revenue streams in the digital economy. 


Developed a Dentsu Aegis Network proprietary A.I. platform that transforms vast tracts of data into knowledge and insights about what can help brands grow – PROJECT INFINITY.  

These insights are extracted through the application of machine learning and the codification of decades of marketing expertise and knowledge, over vast tracts of data about brands, people, competition and market.  

The essential value of Project Infinity is that of an always-on: 

  • Researcher, for insights on what is changing with consumers, brands, competition, the market and more  
  • Discerner, for insights that matter  
  • Planner, for where a brand's new opportunities for growth lies 


Launched in 4 markets – Australia,  Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America 

Received positive feedback. 

“This is seriously good for an alpha! I’ll try to use it as much as possible” 

Quoted by Phillip Dyte, Strategy Partner of iProspect UK