Global experiential marketing agency MKTG has been appointed to launch global real estate consultancy firm JLL’s first brand sponsorship campaign with six up-and-coming athletes from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Singapore, bringing them one step closer to achieving their ambitions of competing in climbing on a global stage. 

According to the International Federation of Sport Climbing, it is estimated that there are 25 million recreational climbers globally. Currently practised in over 140 countries with six million registered climbers, itwill also be included as an Olympic sport for the first time ever in 2020. 

For JLL, the heartbeat of cities is important, and how that influences the way the athletes live and train. Indoor climbing is an exciting urban sport that reflects the vibrancy and dynamism of the region’s rapidly growing cities – a perfect fit of the brand.


In a cross-collaboration effort with Isobar and gyro, MKTG has developed a two-pronged approach to bring this campaign to life. 

Working closely with Isobar, MKTG created a motion-capture climbing suit which uses advanced sensor fusion technology to analyse a climber’s movements and turn it into kinematic data.

With the ability to capture and visualise movements into a video replay, this collaborative training platform gives climbers and coaches new insights to an athlete’s performance by dynamically reviewing their posture, rhythm, techniques, speed and endurance. 

In collaboration with gyro, MKTG launched a nine-part documentary series created in partnership with National Geographic. The series depictsthe back story of each athlete in their own city, as well as their struggles and ambitions on their way to the top.  


A campaign that was recently launched in May 2019 that capitalises on the growing trend and exposure leading into 2020. Capitalising on innovation within climbing, using tech and data to make a real impact on the climbers’ performance.