Reading books actually broadens the mind. Studies show that people who read are more considerate and less likely to pass judgment. 

Using the same social media that allows the hate to spread, we wanted to repurpose it to spread kindness and understanding using iconic and popular book quotes.  


Using a social listening and scanning platform, we targeted online haters. Instead of responding in kind, we responded with kindness. On the same social media that allows hate to proliferate, we hijacked hundreds of trending topics on Facebook. We intercepted comments of hate with lines from well-known books and authors encouraging kindness and understanding. 

Those we replied to and anyone within the feed who saw it was invited to #ReadMoreHateLess simply by clicking on a link which led them to National Book Store’s website, where they could immediately purchase the book from which the quote was lifted. 


In just a week, website visits increased by 14.43% and online book sales increased by 3.6%, contributing to a 22.75% increase in their monthly sale versus the previous year.