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Increase in new customers to Pandamart


Increase in new customers to Foodpanda brought by Pandamart 


Increase in Pandamart active users 


In November 2020, many Malaysians had pandemic fatigue and were looking for ways to escape the boredom of WFH. Countless other grocery delivery services came on the scene. Not yet a household name, Foodpanda focused on distinguishing their brand presence as Malaysia’s top delivery service for groceries through a DOOH campaign optimised by Liveposter - a web-based platform that helps  brands create dynamic content for digital posters.

Creative Idea & Execution

A familiar & iconic KOL was used to be the face of the campaign: Nabila Huda. Through her campy personality and bold persona projection, she was able to communicate Foodpanda’s key message: ‘Delivering the Simple Joys of Life’.

To promote part of the available products in pandamart, 352 product SKUs were chosen to showcase to consumer on 32 iconic DOOH screens in Klang Valley for 45 days, selected based on close proximity to pandamart availability. 

22 products were showcase per spot (within 15 second), broke down by an average of 5-6 products per every 2.5 seconds, which is an average attention span by most drivers on the road. Another 22 new products will be showcase in the next upcoming slot, and this continues until all 352 products are showcase, before the first batch of 22 products are being repeated again. With an average of 450spots/day, per screen, all 352 products were showcase at least 27 times respectively for each product, further driving the awareness and frequency of the depth of products available in pandamart.


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