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Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are a significant contributor to Indonesia's GDP, accounting for 60% of it, with 64% of those being managed by women. However, many of Indonesia's women-owned MSMEs are unable to access the funding needed to support their business growth, resulting in a US$6 billion financing shortfall for women-owned businesses. Furthermore, the male dominance within financial products and services is reflected even in Indonesia's banknotes.


OCBC recognised the injustice and decided to empower women entrepreneurs in Indonesia using the closest instrument in their daily business: Money. Upon scanning banknotes, women entrepreneurs are given access to specific financial services that connect them directly with financial advisors to educate and guide them to the services based on their needs. From advances business coaching and expert tax consultation to funding capital investment, women are empowered with opportunities to advance.


It all began with money, but now more women are realising they can be warriors too, echoing inspiring conversations beyond this nation and onto the world stage. This is driving transformative changes to the government's policy while also elevating Indonesia women's financial literacy. Above all, this has become an eye-opener that with the right support, every woman can achieve financial independence and become a woman warrior.