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Thailand contributes to an annual average of 18 million tons of food waste, currently ranked 21st in the world and 4th in Southeast Asia. Consumer behavior, particularly the habit of purchasing food, storing them in cupboards and refrigerators, and forgetting them lead to the expiration of food, is one of the main factors contributing to this problem.

Objective and Idea

Since most retail brands usually act only as product sellers. There aren't any brands interested and taking action to solve this problem. So Gourmet Market want to create a campaign that not just raising awareness. Because we know that it’s not enough for this serious issues then we choose to created a tool which is easily helps remind customers about the expiration date and consume these products before to avoid unintentional food waste.

"The Cupboard to Fight Food Waste", the first cupboard in your hand that easily stops your food that easily stops your food waste habit. This is an advanced tool in Gourmet Market application which can enables consumers who bought products from the brand to track the expiration dates of their products, with a convenient feature activated once items are purchased. Through notifications on their mobile phones, our system acts as a reminder to consume each product before reaching its expiration date. Consumers can also effortlessly monitor their daily progress in reducing food waste.


Audiences are engaged and raise awareness about the challenge of forgetting to consume food before it expires, ultimately leading to food waste. This widespread embrace of the initiatives is paramount in diminishing the environmental impact of food waste and alleviating the burden on the government's budget. Enhancing Gourmet Market's brand image by highlighting an elevated dedication to addressing environmental concerns. 

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