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Every second, minute, hour of the day, we are pushed to consume more. With the only expectation, to make our life better. Due to this expectation, we consume more than our planet can offer, resulting in the estimation that by 29th July 2021, Vietnamese consumers would have used all the resources available for that year.


Since not many people are aware of the daunting crisis we are facing, how can we spread awareness while triggering a change in behaviour? What simple decisions should we all collectively make to help move this date giving our planet time to replenish?

Creative Idea & Execution

To raise awareness and tell everyone about Overshoot Day, dentsu Redder and CHANGE Vietnam decided to target the most consumerist Vietnamese KOLs and influencers with a shocking surprise. Thanks to their streamed experiences, amplified through multiple social channels, the campaign not only reached our immediate target audience, but all their followers, spreading the campaign message to different target audiences and communities.

During the week leading to Overshoot day, we sent a box containing an inflatable globe, but with a surprise: despite how hard they will try to blow it up, it would not inflate, to selected KOLs. A message revealed the shocking reason: By July 29th 2021, all our Earth’s resources will be squeezed out.

"Let’s do better next year" was the main message of the campaign. The box also contained a set of stickers providing simple suggestions and a call to action to a microsite. The targeted KOLs decided to join the cause at no cost. Their unboxing videos aired on the 29th of July 2021, finally creating a social conversation about Overshoot Day.

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