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The Chupa Chups Tok-yo flavors campaign introduces, educates and excites Vietnamese tweens about the latest flavour pack that is inspired by Japan.


Our eyes, they instantly express our emptions, how we’re feeling, and how we react to situations. The eyes are an integral, distinctive and recognizable feature of Japanese culture, that we extended with our insight of —“Our eyes say it all”.

Creative Idea & Execution

To generate conversation for the product launch inspired by Tokyo culture and Japanese flavours, while also leveraging the Forever Fun manifesto of Chupa Chups, dentsu Redder took one of the most recognizable traits of Japanese culture, manga eyes, and made them look deliciously striking.

We designed 3 original pairs of manga eyes that not only portrays the flavours: strawberry & matcha, cherry blossom and yuzu, but also created immediate association with Japan in a simple yet powerful way. Pushing the style from the expected 2D to 3D manga eyes immediately created curiosity and the fresh approach delivered a wow effect.

This campaign resulted in Tok-Yo Flavors to became the most sought after Chupa Chups product in Vietnam, ever.

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