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The Unfiltered History Tour with VICE World News  is an unofficial, interactive tour of the Museum’s disputed artefacts. Narrated by people from countries they were taken from. Through immersive audio-visual storytelling enabled by Instagram AR filters.


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The world has only heard the British narrative of these non-British artefacts. There is a danger in a single story and narrative, and so the attempt was to balance the narrative by giving a platform to underrepresented colonial voices, without any agenda.

Creative Idea & Execution

The Unfiltered History Tour is a guerrilla tour of the British Museum carried out via Instagram filters by making use of Augmented Reality that the internet is no stranger to. However, instead of adding dog ears to a selfie, the same technology was re-engineered to scan and identify life-sized 3D artefacts in differing light conditions throughout the day, to unfilter centuries of colonial narrative. 

In this alternative interactive tour, visitors can scan 10 disputed artefacts of the museum and see them being teleported back in time to their home countries, with experts from their homelands playing tour guide by narrating the true story of the loot of these treasures, with Augmented Reality being used as a subversive contextual overlay. Those who aren’t at the British Museum can unfilter history from wherever they are in the world, with immersive audio-video experiences and extended podcasts hosted on the Unfiltered History Tour website.

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