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Increasing sales during CNY

GU, a sister brand of UNIQLO, is a fast-fashion retailer that produces affordable and trendy clothes. They wanted to increase sales and brand awareness during the biggest Chinese festival, Chinese New Year. Every Chinese New Year, billions of people travel home to reunite with families. But reunions are short, and families are separated apart again after that. How can we keep them close, even when they're apart?


A personal touch

During Chinese New Year, new clothes are given as a gesture of love and care. So we redesigned the clothes' care labels and gave them a personal touch with caring messages for families and friends. People were invited to customize their own Care Labels which were sewed onto the new clothes. These new clothes became more than gifts. They were also heartwarming reminders.


Transforming engagement

GU successfully created a brand new way of communication to tie people together through heart. The campaign received compliments from customers of all ages. 114% increase in visitors; 138% increase in sales; 176MM online impressions.


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