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Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan and aims to equip merchants with innovative marketing and data tools to optimise business performance and serve customers better. 


Being a small merchant on an e-commerce platform is challenging and every day is a delicate balance between inventory management, stock planning, sales forecasting, pricing and a million other challenges. While most merchants want to respond in real-time, the mechanics of tracking ongoing sales are resource-intensive and add to the daily load, which means they’re spending time tracking information, instead of solving larger problems like product selection, over or under stocking and customer service.


Shopee understood how important it was for its merchants to be plugged into the real-time flow of sales, browsing behaviour, and marketing information on their online stores. The Shopee team, along with their partners such as Happy Marketer, developed a customised, future-ready data-mart with Google Analytics 360, which takes information across Web & App Analytics, marketing data sources, CRM interactions and creates specific data views for each merchant in their system. With the new Google Analytics,  Shopee has started to consolidate data to measure cross-device performance, remarket to users and eventually drive better results for their merchants.


With a 7X improvement in the speed of data access and the immense depth of Google Analytics adding insights like Product Popularity, Cart Abandonment Ratios and Marketing spends, merchants immediately started optimising their products & sales with the best practices of a large e-commerce store. Through the 12-month period that this new initiative was launched, merchants have seen an average of an 87% improvement in revenue growth on website and 216% on mobile application.

“Google Analytics 360 has been a core part of Shopee’s measurement stack and we are excited to kickstart with new Google Analytics features to understand how customers interact with Shopee across devices and platforms - this sets us up for the future.” Peggy Zhu, Head of Brand & Growth Marketing, Shopee.

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