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A part of the diverse lifestyle that Gen Z values is their strong connection to Chinese culture and heritage. This connection makes brands and products created in China phenomenally popular. To connect with this generation, KFC wanted to meet them where they are with a popular part of Chinese culture. So they added a rice ball and flatbread with fish-flavored shredded pork to their Chinese menu. But, could KFC really convince them that they know how to make an authentic fish-flavored shredded pork?

Insight and Strategy

As a well-known dish, fish-flavored shredded pork tastes like the most delicious fish yet it’s not cooked with any fish at all. By taking advantage of the livestream shopping craze in China during which people pay more than any advertisements, we invited some special “influencers” the cats who know fish best to introduce and sell the products.

Execution and Results

Meet Cat Streamers on KFC’s TikTok live channel. The KFC Cat Streamers sold out KFC products. That’s not all. Even after the live streaming, audiences kept showing their interest in the products. They bought them home to play with their own cats and shared pictures on social platforms with diverse communities, which earned KFC more than 6 million additional impressions.

As a result, KFC’s fish-flavored shredded pork products passed the Cat Test, showing to Gen Z and to all of China that KFC’s new fish-flavored shredded pork was really… the Cat’s Meow! 


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