Our challenge was to further strengthen Coca-Cola as the number one drink in consumers’ CNY shopping basket. We wanted to make Coca-Cola an irreplaceable CNY beverage at the epi-center of Chinese families’ CNY celebrations while connecting them and closing generation gaps.


We accelerated our existing partnership with Alipay which is the largest 3rd party payment company and the largest CNY marketing player in China.

Through Alipay AR technology and rich user data, we were able to digitally share the iconic red CNY envelopes while personalizing and making more relevant the entire digital experience. To boost consumer engagement and maximise campaign exposure, Ali-ecosystem provided CNY rewards and allowed us to optimize our connection strategy and media partnership.


More than 210 million people engaged with the campaign

Over 195 million Coca-Cola red envelopes and ‘good luck’ CNY cards were distributed, 15 times more than in 2017

The bottle labels were scanned an amazing 377 million times, 50% more than in 2017