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We saw the broadening of social stereotypes across all spheres of culture and the highest evidence of this change was in the world of sports. However, sport's advertising had become a little cliched in its approach.  

To stand out and more importantly have a positive impact across consumer segments; adidas, with its `Impossible is nothing’ credo, needed to rise above the rest. Instead of the usual inspirational stories, they chose to pay homage to those who truly exemplified their tagline; the para-athletes. 


We created a special pair of shoes called ‘Odds’ that had a pair of 2 lefts or 2 rights that para-athletes could choose from. So instead of the pair having one that would be useless, the unique shoe box had another pair of the shoe they really needed. 

Focusing on Major D.P.Singh, India's first blade runner, we chose a champion fuelled by will and determination, truly embodying the endeavour called 'ODDS'.


For a community that has overcome many hurdles but is continuously faced with new obstacles, it was in these tangibles that a beautiful movement came alive. The strong willed and brave hearted para-athletes were given a solution that would make a significant difference to them.

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Taproot is a communications agency whose core strength is in creating effective and distinctive ideas built on a strong case of unusual enquiry. Taproot believes that one can arrive at interesting answers only if one has an interesting enquiry. Rooted in reality, Taproot tells evergreen stories, which place the product front and centre. These stories take many forms, appeal to every sense, and create enriched brands.

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