Agency: dentsu UK & Ireland
Client: WeAre8 / Market: United Kingdom

WeAre8, a new sustainable ad platform, offers a tailored media market to clients who want to engage with consumers directly on important issues. It also places sustainability at the heart of mainstream media planning and helps advertisers achieve their environmental, social and governance and sustainability goals.

The platform is at the forefront of the ‘attention economy,’ a concept pioneered by dentsu. Our digital world has created so many ways to engage. It can feel that our attention is constantly being pulled in different directions, which makes it a challenge to focus and retain our valuable attention on what matters most to us. Research revealed that only one third of adverts gain an audience’s full attention. In the UK, we partnered with WeAre8 to tailor media to clients who want to engage with consumers directly on important issues. Using WeAre8, clients can build direct, more impactful relationships and ask questions after someone views an ad, engaging with people in a more personal, intentional way. WeAre8’s ethical, hate-free app allows users to select which adverts they see and when they see them, delivering content on their own terms.

Our partnership not only fosters greater consumer control around digital focus, but also promotes sustainable issues to the forefront of consumers’ minds. Dentsu’s commitment to offering clients effective and sustainable media activations is well aligned with WeAre8’s commitment to share directly with users and charities 55% of every pound spent on the platform, while 1% goes to Ecologi, a carbon- reduction company, to help offset carbon emissions. It also marks the start of a long-term partnership between ‘dentsu Belonging’ and WeAre8 to drive positive change across ethnic diversity, gender equality, LGBTQ+ and other Social Impact issues.