Agency: iProspect, Carat, BW
Client: Starbucks, Red Pacto Global Chile (UN Global Compact, Chile) / Market: Chile

Women and their voices are still under-represented in many spheres. The global percentage of media space dedicated to female issues does not exceed 25%. It is vital for gender equality that we continue to promote female empowerment – and it makes sense that women should be writing about issues that matter to women. In October 2021, we partnered with Starbucks in Chile to help launch a new publication to offer more women a space to put pen to paper. Woman Times, the country’s first newspaper aimed at a female readership, was the result. Each month, Starbucks opens one of its stores as a newsroom, inviting a team of female journalists to produce the next issue of the newspaper, which is available in print and online.

Some of the issues we’ve covered include women in leadership, violence against women, feminism and female allies. The newspaper focuses on women’s rights and equality in Chile, and offers visibility to minority groups fighting for gender equality.

With a 92% female readership, the newspaper is also followed by an impressive group of politicians, influencers and business executives across Chile. Woman Times was an unexpected new media channel, but the traditional news media in Chile has since recognised the need for the publication to help reverse the gender gap in the media. Editors have been invited to more than 45 events in just five months since initial publication to present the newspaper. And most importantly we increased the amount of media dedicated to women by 5%.

Due to the success of the publication, we will continue partnering with Starbucks to launch Woman Times in Uruguay and Argentina.