Agency: Dentsu Impact
Client: Paytm /  Market: India

To honor International Women’s Day, we worked with our client Paytm to conduct a social experiment to understand gender disparity in the context of financial literacy in India. The work also aligned with our own commitment to gender equality, as detailed in our Social Impact strategy.

The Divide - A Social Experiment was an innovative and mould-breaking campaign that urged the audience to separate gender from finance. A group of men and women were asked a series of questions, taking a step forward or backwards depending on their answers. The questions gradually ramped up to cover finance, asking whether participants had ever taken out an insurance policy or manged their own earnings.

After all the questions were asked a huge gap had grown between men and women, which clearly showed the difference in the financial literacy and independence between the genders. Many of the participants, especially the women, were shocked at the disparities that had been revealed.

“We wanted men and women both to realize the importance of teaching and learning matters related to money,” said Anupama Ramaswamy, Managing Partner, and National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact.

The campaign was followed by 4.1 million people on Instagram, 3.1 million on Facebook and one million on Twitter, as well as 294,000 subscribers on YouTube.