Agency: Merkle | Market: Germany
Client: Siemens

Siemens has long seen sustainable development as vital in achieving long-term growth by empowering its customers with more eco-friendly technologies. Siemens wanted to generate broader momentum in awareness of the energy transition, challenge consumers’ perceptions of sustainable consumption and highlight the potential of innovation.

Merkle, a dentsu company, teamed up with Siemens on The Power Reset, a full-length documentary that showcases a town’s carbon-neutral success with the help of Siemens’ smart technologies. The 36-minute documentary, which broadcast on both YouTube and Amazon Prime, challenged consumer perceptions, creating increased relevance around the transition to renewable energy. The documentary powerfully showed that the energy transition is not a distant dream: it is already underway. Wunsiedel, a German municipality that is already 100% carbon neutral and home to 10,000 people, is highlighted in the film. We transformed traditionally business-centric content into a widely engaging film using interviews, archive footage, animated infographics and vox pops. The project shows the local value generated thanks to the courageous vision and cooperation within the region and Siemens’ commitment to sustainability. The Power Reset won a German Brand Award for Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation. The inspirational story of the town creating an energy blueprint for the world has now accumulated over 250,000 minutes of streaming to audiences. To achieve maximum impact of the film, Merkle created an effective campaign to promote the release using Amazon Ads and will continue the promotion of the project throughout the year.