Agency: Dentsu Creative
Client: Trees for Life / Market: United Kingdom

Trees for Life is an organisation with a commitment to rewild Scotland’s historically significant Caledonian Forest. Their vision is to revitalise the Scottish Highlands and restore the forest to its former glory. The forest once covered much of Scotland and Trees for Life has been renewing this essential woodland to offer a much-needed habitat for wildlife such as red squirrels and pine martens. Alongside providing an environment for animals to flourish and thrive, this wild forest will reduce the impact of climate change by storing carbon, preventing flooding and erosion, and providing opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people to reengage with wild nature.

In 2021, dentsu Scotland established a platinum partnership with Trees for Life. The first step to support our own Social Impact goals was to stop the practice of posting out traditional Christmas cards. We then created an interactive website using cutting-edge WebGL software to launch our partnership with the expertise of Trees for Life. In order to inform and inspire audiences on the importance of the work the charity is doing, we created a short, animated film that takes visitors back 7,000 years to the time when much of Scotland was covered by an intricate network of forest. The film describes how this once-diverse ecosystem has been destroyed by human influence and shows how Trees for Life is committed to restoring and protecting such a vital and majestic landscape. We have also secured donations on behalf of our clients and our Social Impact team is organising dentsu employees to donate their time for hands-on support of this Scottish Highland revival.