Agency: dentsu ANZ and Carat
Client: UNICEF’s VaccinAid appeaL / Market: Australia/New Zealand

The largest vaccine-supply operation in history is underway across the world, and UNICEF is at its forefront. The organisation has been organising international transport of COVID-19 vaccines for COVAX as they deliver lifesaving supplies across countries around the world. This initiative is aiming to protect frontline health and social care workers, alongside high-risk and vulnerable groups. We at dentsu and Carat partnered with UNICEF Australia to support the COVAX initiative, a global drive to ensure people in developing countries have access to COVID-19 vaccines.

In September 2021, UNICEF Australia asked Australians to donate to the cause through its consumer campaign, ‘Give the World a Shot’, which hoped to deliver two billion vaccines in addition to millions of tests and other treatments.

As part of the campaign, a $5 donation contributed two doses of the Covid vaccine in the developing world, and UNICEF Australia aimed to raise at least $1 million by the end of the year. The global vaccine equity mechanism delivered 1.2 billion vaccines to 144 countries within 12 months.

The Australia and New Zealand  arm of dentsu donated $10 for every vaccinated employee and called on the rest of the advertising industry to support the scheme. Denstu Australia and New Zealand CEO Sue Squillace said, “We spent time thinking about what it meant for our agency community to be vaccinated, and it centred around freedom and a sense of getting back to normality, spending time with family and friends, colleagues and of course travelling.” We at dentsu are proud to play a part in this continued push for equal access to vaccines.