Agency: Carat
Market: United Kingdom / Client: Vodafone

Building a trusted media landscape is a collective effort, and one that dentsu is actively supporting. In 2020, we worked with Vodafone to launch their Responsible Advertising Charter, an industry-leading initiative to drive ethical, responsible and sustainable media.

The Charter proactively evaluates advertising campaigns and media investment against Vodafone’s purpose and values. It consists of a three-pillar framework that aligns media closer to Vodafone’s purpose and values, enabling proactive and informed investment decision-making.

Alongside the Charter, we developed a survey for media partners with a detailed set of criteria covering the three pillars of responsibility, brand safety and suitability to establish their fit with the values set out in the new Charter.

Partners were scored on a sliding scale and flagged areas of concern as well as areas of best practice, and action areas that can be collaborated on together.

In total, 14 markets and 130 partners were invited to participate at both a global and local level.

Into 2022, with a business-wide focus on Planet credentials, we have worked with Vodafone on a deep dive into sustainability as it pertains to the environment and built out detailed global guidance on how to decarbonise media.

The project provides a comprehensive approach for markets to follow on how to invest more responsibly and sustainably while assessing risk to a company’s values and reputation across platforms.