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Consumer Vision: Synthetic Society
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Consumer Vision: Synthetic Society

By 2030, new technologies such as exoskeletons, genetic editing, smart drugs and brain-computer interfaces will give us the ability to upgrade our human capabilities. Already today, one-third of consumers would consider having a microchip put into their brain to improve physical senses, improve life expectancy and learn new skills.

However, as a consequence, we’ll see a new health divide between the lucky few able to afford such enhancements as, and those who cannot.

By 2030, interest in eSports and immersive gaming will force ‘real-world’ sports and activities to innovate, creating new arenas of potential sponsorship and partnerships for brands.

Audio and visual content overlayed through the next generation of augmented technology will elevate day-to-day experiences, opening up a new range of immersive experiences.

In the next decade, technological innovation will increasingly foster human connection and togetherness, despite distance or solitude.

For brands, technology’s potential to enable new emotions and sensations will provide new ways of communicating with and engaging potential customers, through senses beyond sight and sound.

New forms of companionship and care will be normalised as widening definition of wellbeing has also been pushing mental health up the agenda of consumers and public bodies alike.