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Consumer Vision: Bigger Bolder Brands
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Consumer Vision: Bigger Bolder Brands

By 2030 consumers will select specific brands to be their main lifestyle partners, based on their holistic benefit to their desired lifestyle. These partners will provide super-functionality, becoming an integral part of all commercial activity and everyday lifestyle.

As consumers increasingly search for categories, rather than specific brand names, brand identity will be challenged – compounded by these ‘Titan’ brands’ access to huge amounts of customer data.

By 2030, securing long-term health and well-being will be an increasingly central goal in purchase decision-making for many consumers.

In this climate, every brand will have become a health brand and all companies will be expected to help consumers enhance their well-being through the brand’s products and services.

The home will become an increasingly important domain for the practice of self-care, with the detection and forewarning of pathogens being a feature of smart cities and homes in 2030.

By 2030 brands and governments alike will rate consumers/citizens across a whole range of factors, determining whether they can access exclusive or even public services.

Such change presents the possibility of a Black Mirror-like future where new social platforms allow consumers to rank each other, a world in which each person is scored across work, personal and public service contexts.

For brands, navigating the reputation economy will be rife with risk, requiring them to carefully navigate the acceptable boundaries of exclusivity as well as develop a new model of what a ‘good’ customer looks like.