PepsiCo is a multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation with a product portfolio including 23 billion-dollar brands like Quaker, Lays, Gatorade, Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Pepsi. Following the successful implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, PepsiCo asked DEG to produce a report for evaluating its email efforts across its business units.

To select the best opportunities for 1:1 marketing growth, marketers need data visualizations that are clear, understandable, and representative of real-time consumer engagement. To meet these needs, PepsiCo and DEG sought to transform the consumer relationship marketing report and improve data transparency and access to real-time performance metrics for the organization.


DEG built a custom data integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Datorama, going beyond Datorama’s Integration Engine platform connectors to include custom data extracts from more than a dozen data streams to monitor contact acquisition and campaign performance. The agency’s engineering team optimized the existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions to ensure efficient delivery of relationship marketing data sets, while also improving the model for a complete view of the data.

DEG’s Analytics & Insight team worked closely with the agency’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultants, engineers, and strategists to build nine custom Datorama dashboards for distinct business units. DEG also developed a rollup dashboard for PepsiCo executives to monitor relationship marketing performance across brands in a single view. Each dashboard provided an enhanced view of previous PepsiCo email reports with improved visualizations and near-real-time data.

To help PepsiCo’s marketers use Datorama’s insights to optimize campaigns, DEG also created a dashboard glossary built into the solution with data definitions and explanations of terms.


PepsiCo and DEG launched the nine Datorama dashboards in the spring of 2020, providing stakeholders with the ability to view consumer-data acquisition and activation performance in near real-time. As PepsiCo continues to grow its first-party consumer data, DEG will help manage the Datorama dashboards for optimal performance tracking, and future visualization builds within the platform to support more brands and initiatives.

Now, whether you’re craving something in the checkout line or planning for a birthday picnic, PepsiCo has the data and technology to meet you in the moment with a tailored message.

“By partnering with DEG, we transformed our relationship marketing performance visualization with a custom Datorama solution aligned to our specific needs. Our dashboards now elevate the visibility of our work within the PepsiCo organization and support continued growth.” — Mike Scafidi, Global Head of Marketing Technology and AdTech, PepsiCo


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