Breaking down the silos between creative, tech and media to modernize marketing campaigns and optimize performance 

At a time when brands, retailers, media are all competing for real estate on consumers’ screen time, personalizing creative and messaging to resonate with bespoke audience segments is critical to enhance ad performance and effectiveness.

Our Dynamic Creative Optimization offering is the only end-to-end offering that integrates data and strategy into creative, enabling brands to deliver personalized content at scale across multiple channels. Our end-to-end approach empowers marketers to analyze, optimize and remove creative in real time, and respond to consumer behaviors, their whereabouts, as well as event-based criteria.

We adapt our footprint to complement your existing capabilities through highly bespoke engagements. When you work with our DCO team, you can expect:

  • Integrated workshops to build learning agendas
  • Strategic integration and launch plans with best-in-class DCO platforms
  • Input and output of dynamic feed strategies
  • Creative consulting with cross-publisher templates
  • Real-time optimization threshold settings
  • Impression-to-creative ratio mapping for testing strategy

WTF is data driven creative?

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In one method, creative is built on-the-fly, taking cues from data gathered between the impression being purchased and ad delivery — and that’s what’s known as dynamic advertising. In this WTF guide, we’ll unpack the practice and highlight all the ways dynamic advertising can work for marketers in 2021, 2022 and beyond.

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Global Ad Spend Forecast 2022

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dentsu ad spend forecasts show global growth of 9.2% in 2022, with the advertising market reaching US$745.0 billion, exceeding the 2019 pre-pandemic spend levels by US$117.2 billion.

2022 builds on a stronger than expected recovery in 2021 when global ad spend exceeded 2019 levels by 8.7% and increased year-on-year by 17.0% - the highest recorded market growth by dentsu, and significantly higher than the growth in global GDP.

Digital spend is forecast to account for a 55.5% share of global spend in 2022 and is predicted to increase to 59.4% share in 2024. Key areas of growth are Connected TV, Video, Programmatic and E-commerce.

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