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Standing out in a crowded QSR space is tough. Even tougher for a brand that everyone knows of but is losing passion for. We needed to rebuild brand love and consideration for Subway, by reminding people why they loved us in the first place, and showing up where our audience was passionate and having fun.


Gamers are part of a passionate community, who fully engage, participate and support their influencers (streamers) digitally and financially. For QSR fans, gaming has become the perfect companion to snacking on their favorite brands, giving them time and energy to put their attention toward the games and streamers who entertain them. In order to do so, we worked with the largest streaming service in the U.S., Twitch. For the first time ever, we sponsored ‘Subtember’, a key promotional event on Twitch. Subway partnered with Dr. Lupo, a leading gaming influencer, with two sponsored streams. The first stream was promoted on a highly viewable homepage placement on Twitch and amplified on Twitter, significantly increasing the viewers that joined in watching Dr. Lupo play a popular Minecraft game, while naturally promoting Subway and the product of choice.


Subway was seen as a supportive member of the Twitch community, moving perception +37.9. The partnership enabled Subway to reach the Twitch community through their owned channels with 2.87M emails, 2.4M impressions on Facebook, 1.5M on Instagram and 2.9M on Twitter; and #Subtember took Twitter by storm with over 6,000 tweets and almost 4,000 retweets in just one week). This is in addition to news coverage by the press.


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