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How does your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man travel internationally? On United Airlines’ friendly skies, of course.

United Airlines partnered with Sony and a collaboration of dentsu agencies in a campaign to celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Far from Home from May-July 2019. The effort utilized multi-channel opportunities including product placement, digital banners, social media takeovers, Safety Videos, amenity kits, website and OOH strategies to promote United Airlines European Summer travel destinations.

The campaign’s objective was to engage with the Spider-Man audience, generate excitement for the upcoming film and build positive association for the United Airlines brand, both nationally and for specific European destinations featured in the film itself.


A collaboration of dentsu brands developed a comprehensive, integrated campaign to demonstrate the unifying effect of the branded partnership. By focusing on the excitement generated by engaging the Spider-Man audience, dentsu and United Airlines worked to increase loyalty, positive brand sentiment, market share and positive brand association.

An integrated dentsu team contributed to the campaign, including OOH ads, digital banner concepts and a 4:30 minute safety video and custom social-first content for roll out across social channels with highly qualified audiences.

Additional campaign channels included in film product placement with Spider-Man traveling to Europe on United Airlines, press releases and additional franchise opportunities like Spider-Man themed amenity kits. A custom Reddit homepage takeover was targeted at Marvel enthusiasts on the sites where they spend most of their internet time.

Paid digital media was targeted action or adventure movie enthusiasts to ensure Spider-Man message would drive engagement across mobile. OOH was used to garner attention with new and highly memorable units such as digital double decker busses and multi-screen subway boards. Social media content drove 1:1 consumer engagement and broad awareness to qualified audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit.


Spider-Man branded social, video and branded amenities instantly created a buzz -- including YouTube unboxing videos and boosted audience engagement. Social media efforts included Facebook, Reddit and Instagram with United Airline branded posts with a radioactive spider twist. Spider-Man themed Reddit ads outperformed all benchmarks for made-for-platform content. Digital on mobile and high impact OOH were strategically utilized to increase awareness and buzz.

Dentsu agencies effectively delivered multimarket integration to promote brand affinity in the Newark (EWR) airport. Co-branding these monumental icons resulted in higher brand awareness and engagement across all channels and by doing so demonstrated that Spider-Man: Far from Home was the perfect avenue for promoting European Summer Travel and brand affinity.