Positive Sentiment


Intel asked Gleam Solutions, the partnerships and consulting arm of Gleam Futures, to leverage social influencers in order to raise brand awareness and generate purchase-consideration for a brand new class of laptops co-engineered by Intel and Dell, Lenovo, and HP.

Gleam Solutions wanted to ensure we reached the right audience by developing assets that would resonate in support of the overall campaign, as well as transcend to paid media through authentic content showcasing a wide-yet-focused array of influencers’ unique and multiple passions, known as Mobile Go-Getters: creators who are #MoreThan one thing – constantly chasing multiple endeavors, and whose job hours are no longer limited to the typical 9-to-5 grind.


Gleam Solutions identified and secured talent for this campaign to create meaningful and aesthetically engaging content, both solidifying their alignment to the campaign as a “Mobile Go-Getter” and showing off the devices and their new features. Their participation educated audiences on the brand-new class of laptops, built to support what it means to be #MoreThan and living life on-the-go.

Using Instagram as the primary social platform to support #MoreThan, influencers kicked off a multi-storyline campaign by adding an asterisk (*) to their name, creating content that showcased their #MoreThan’s and in turn ask their audience to share what #MoreThan means to them. The second storyline focused more on showcasing the new laptop features that made working on the go easy, such as long-lasting battery life and seamless connectivity.

As an additional layer to the campaign in partnership with Facebook’s Creative Shop, Gleam Solutions produced inspiring and informative content reinventing the night class for the Mobile Go-Getter audience with a series hosted on Intel’s IGTV channel. All classes were taught on Intel’s co-engineered devices, showing how the laptops facilitate each teacher’s after-hours passions.


Over a 3-month period, 12 influencers produced 53 creative social media posts supporting Intel’s #MoreThan campaign, generating 6.4 million organic impressions and 429,000 organic engagements. 

Analysis around each influencers content and brand mentions yielded over 91% positive sentiment. Talent-produced content for this campaign had an average engagement rate that surpassed industry averages by 3x, and outperformed brand-produced assets by 2-3x when supported by paid media.

Gleam Futures

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