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of the Soccer World Cup Share of Voice within Telecom competitors


Share of Voice among other FIFA partners


Sprint needed a way to extend their Russia World Cup 2018 Sponsorship on their social and digital platforms by connecting with a diverse universe of Latino soccer fans. Few events generate the buzz and potential brand impressions on a global scale like the World Cup. The catch? There’s a lot of noise and competing brand narratives muddying up the landscape.


We augmented fans journeys providing custom experiences fueled by data and real-time coverage of the tournament.

From war room teams to cover all the key matches live and updating content in real time, all the way to automated social interactions leveraging Twitter's conversational cards triggered by relevant social hashtags.

This provided shareable reactions powered by their own soccer legends like Jorge Campos, Claudio Suarez, and Carlos Valderrama.  They were featured in short-form videos of amusing shots to help users join the chatter and share. These soccer heroes, through the magic of video-phone call integration technology, also offered fans a seemingly personalized phone call to their fans.


In a World Cup landscape of heavy brand noise, truly reactive and contextual social marketing gives brands better and more organic access to their public. The full “Futbol Mode” campaign allowed Sprint to own 62% of the Soccer World Cup Share of Voice within Telecom competitors, representing a 6.4% Share of Voice among other FIFA partners including Coca Cola, Budweiser and Adidas. Now that’s competitive play.


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