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Generate Awareness for the Sundance and National Premiere. Create a story-worthy environment for media amplification. Utilize peel aways for Series Edutainment and Social UGC. Influence positive perception through impactful touch points.


HBO hosted a multi-day, immersive experience in support of the McMillion$ documentary series world premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

The interactive experience took guests through the true story of the $24 million McDonald’s Monopoly fraud that shocked the nation at the height of the game’s popularity. Concepted, designed and executed by MKTG, the striking pop-up storefront beckoned attendees to “enter to really win” while providing opportunities for all festival-goers to win custom cocktails, food, and prizes by literally peeling back the layers of the venue’s doors, bars, and walls.


Due to strategic planning and agile execution, the event successfully achieved the predetermined KPIs, delivered a positive ROI, and proved to be a valuable marketing solution.

Key wins included: McMillion$ on Main Street attracted full capacity attendance with 5K+ total visitors over the course of three days. The engaging Peel to Win element immersed guests into the series and brought the story to life with 3K+ prizes won. Unique Insta-worthy moments instigated social sharing with 3K+ photos being taken and shared by consumers. Documentary-themed cocktails and food elevated guests’ experiences with 1,500 “happy meals” and 9,000 cocktails consumed. Brand ambassadors in monopoly-themed costumes interacted with 7K+ Sundance attendees on main Street, and drove interest for the documentary and experience.

Established impactful awareness with an exterior branded façade that is historically prohibited at Sundance for unofficial sponsors. Promoted and drove anticipation for the upcoming documentary series podcast and provided a memorable consumer experience at the festival.

“I’ve been coming to Sundance for years and this is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”
- Sundance Film Festival Attendee


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