increase in revenue


decrease in cost per action


JibJab offers a wide variety of hilarious animated e-cards that let people play around with different templates and watch their animated selves bob around in a silly way. MuteSix selected the carousel ad format for the company’s ads so that people could scroll through JibJab’s catalog and absorb the possibilities without leaving the News Feed.  


Working with the JibJab team, MuteSix quickly built the video ads in carousel format using a catalog of the 10 most popular e-cards. This approach allowed it to show as many choices as possible and to capitalize on the ability of the carousel format to optimize the order of the e-cards based on performance. Text above the videos explained how to make a card and text below allowed shoppers to select and purchase or see even more examples.


To reach more people, MuteSix took JibJab’s list of active long-term subscribers and created a lookalike audience. It expanded this audience even more by using international lookalike audiences to further explore potential markets while also narrowing its target to people with similar characteristics as long-term subscribers. With this combination of high-performing creative and expansive targeting, JibJab saw a 4X increase in sales over the previous year and a 33% reduction in cost per action (purchase) during the holiday season.

“When working with MuteSix, we got more than just an agency that managed our Facebook campaigns. They are a true partner with not only new ideas, but also the creative and video teams to execute what we couldn’t with our internal resources. This, along with their knowledge of the landscape within Facebook, allowed us to grow this channel.”
– Paul Hanges, COO, JibJab


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