Paulo Fogaca

CEO, dentsu Creative, US

Paulo Fogaca is equal parts scrappy entrepreneur and creativity conduit, renowned for architecting operational efficiency without sacrificing craft. His experience traverses geographies, remits and business models.  

 He’s been brand side. He’s thrived within legacy holding companies, leading massively complex global brands. And, he’s built beloved shops from ground zero at GUT and DAVID—inspiring work that changed the trajectory of brands and how consumers think about those brands. 

Brokering world peace between foodie rivals, unleashing repeat-watch dog content and offering people a significant lifeline from pandemic anxieties are all in a day’s work. More than masterclasses of memorable, each represent significant brand-building periods sparking fandom and a deeper understanding for products and services playing a worthwhile role in their lives. 

As Dentsu Creative’s U.S. CEO, Paulo is a critical player for managing regional operations while helping expand our Earned Attention, Entertainment and Experience capabilities. 

He’s certainly shaped the audacious nature of brands like Burger King, Heinz, Popeyes, Budweiser and Headspace over his 25+ year career—a sample of what’s possible when he locks arms with our exceptional leaders and clients to advance creative ambitions.  

Paulo holds an MBA from IAE France and is on his way to earning a second, more focused on creativity, from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

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