Kate Dobrucki

Vice-présidente principale, communications et foundatrice de Womxn Who

Talk is cheap.

As a child I was chatterbox. I can remember numerous report cards coming home saying “it would be wonderful to see Kate sit and do her work rather than up and talking to her classmates …”

If only my second-grade teacher could see me now.

When I was seven, I received a Fisher Price cassette recorder with matching microphone for my birthday. It was life changing; mostly for my parents as I had a new outlet to constantly speak at. But a star was born, and I started my very own radio show. As the host I interviewed the guests aka my siblings, I attracted sponsors (my grandfather gave me my first $10 deal) and I even developed a tagline: “don’t take my word for it, take daddy’s cause he knows much more than me”. That’s a Levar Burton easter egg for any Reading Rainbow fans still out there.

And well, a couple decades later I’m still at it. But this time the guests are professionals (some I’m even honoured to call good friends), the sponsors are interested in giving more than $10 but I’m sticking to my roots and still have a tagline.

Womxn Who represents a sea change — a fiercely progressive movement designed by and for professional womxn. And, on this podcast, myself and co-host Simren Deogun are on a quest to unite every mentor, leader, thought-maker, and game-changer to inspire, promote self-awareness and understanding, and, together propel the womxn leadership movement forward.  

Because Womxn Who support each other smash barriers together, create solutions, and actually give a shit to make a better workplace for tomorrow.  

Talk is cheap. It’s easier to talk about doing something than to actually do that thing.

We’re having conversations with womxn who challenge the status quo, womxn who ask for what they want. And womxn who hold the door open for other womxn.  

So many say they’ll do something, but we’re actually doing it. And I hope you’ll follow along with us, reach out to be a guest or even a sponsor. Womxn Who is a podcast produced by dentsu and available wherever you stream.

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