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We are dentsu. We team together to help brands predict and plan for disruptive future opportunities and create new paths to growth in the sustainable economy. We know people better than anyone else and we use those insights to connect brand, content, commerce and experience, underpinned by modern creativity. We are the network designed for what’s next.

We know people better than anyone else

We know people better than anyone else

With consumer intelligence at the heart of everything we do, we help brands win, keep and grow their best customers across all elements of the marketing mix. Through radical collaboration, we make insight a reality that moves businesses forward.

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From Gen Z, to Gen Z. The Pace of Progress: Gen Z Edition

Within the pages of The Pace of Progress, dentsu’s annual media trends report, we looked at three trends shaping the media landscape in 2024: generative AI and its potential to enhance our cognitive capabilities and help us to solve problems in new ways, the race to monetize digital platforms, and expanding the definition of brand performance to include wider contributions to society. 

Now, with our new Gen Z Edition, we narrow the focus to examine how these trends will play out for Gen Z. We directly asked Gen Z about these trends and captured their responses. This report shares our insights and allows you to hear directly from Gen Z experts. 

Download The Pace of Progress: Gen Z Edition for a full review of our insights and recommendations for brands.

From Gen Z to Gen Z. The Pace of Progress: Gen Z Edition