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Try to live every day like Elle Woods after Warner told her that she wasn’t smart enough for law school.

This past weekend I finished Netflix. Maybe I’m being slightly overdramatic but, it feels like I’ve run out of new shows to stream. So, I watched an old classic – and no, not one of my all-time fav’s To Catch a Thief - a slightly more modern classic. Legally Blonde.

There are loads of life lessons you can take from Legally Blonde; of the less serious nature but true is that orange will never be the new pink (sorry Gwyneth), don’t ever get a fresh perm wet and one of my personal favs, exercise gives you endorphins and well those make you happy. My smart colleagues used to book me for meetings post spin class Tuesday & Thursday mornings….

BUT, as I put my lived experience through the lens of Elle Woods I learnt a few things. Mostly, it's important to note that Elle didn't just stumble her way into Harvard Law. She actually studied like a beast for those LSATs, memorized legal jargon (beyond “I object”), and worked tirelessly for her internship. And despite the fact that her initial reason for applying to Harvard wasn't all too inspiring (ahem, she went there for a boy), she actually had to work quite hard to attain all those accomplishments. That hustle is pretty inspiring.

But the biggest takeaway and as a mentor something I’m always reiterating is never let anyone tell you you’re not enough.

Throughout the movie, Elle is continually told she's not good enough. She's told that she can't marry Warner because her family isn't worthy, she isn't smart enough to get into Harvard and she won't make a successful lawyer. AND, instead of believing everyone's negative assumptions about her worth, Elle uses their doubts as her motivation to be successful. She refuses to believe that there is anything she can't accomplish. She teaches us not to listen to anyone saying you won't meet your goals. Instead, put on a pink outfit, practice a little bend and snap and say, "watch me."