The book club was an initiative set up by our 'Diversity, Equality & Inclusion' committee to celebrate International literacy day on Friday, 8th of September 2022. Initially we thought this would be a once off event that people would read the book and we’d get together to discuss it however due to its popularity we decided to make it an ongoing event.

We met last week over coffee and pastries to discuss our most recent book, "Red at the Bone", by Jacqueline Woodson. The book club is a great opportunity to get to know one another and encourages us to critically think, see other perspectives and points of view.

“Red at the Bone" centers on two black families who come together when a girl and a boy in high school, Iris and Aubrey, become pregnant. Iris is from a life and family in which, “even as a child, she'd never doubted that she'd one day go to college”: Having a baby at 16 was never part of the plan.

Our plan is to meet bimonthly in order to give people time to read the chosen books.

Book Club