Dentsu Successfully Renews Accreditation in IAB Ireland's Brand Safety Gold Standard Certification for 2024, Upholding Commitment to Digital Advertising Integrity

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Since 2021 dentsu has been part of IAB Irelands Brand Safety Gold Standard Certification initiative and held status as an accredited company. The Brand Safety Gold Standard Certification promotes a healthy, sustainable digital advertising environment by emphasizing safety, transparency, and compliance.

The four main aims of the Gold Standard are:

  1. Brand Safety: Upholding brand safety is a top priority. The Gold Standard ensures that ads appear in safe and appropriate contexts.
  2. Ad Fraud Prevention: By tackling ad fraud, the certification helps maintain trust and transparency.
  3. Improved User Experience: The Gold Standard aims to enhance the digital advertising experience for users.
  4. GDPR and ePrivacy Compliance: It assists companies in adhering to privacy regulations.

The Gold Standard in recent years now also extends beyond digital display, social and video to cover emerging digital offerings like Audio, CTV, and in-game advertising.

To continue to receive this accreditation, each participating member is audited by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). This audit requires participants to provide evidence and demonstrate how across a range of criteria they continue to ensure best practices are in place for their clients.

In the case of dentsu as a media agency this focuses on how we manage our programmatic and social campaigns.

dentsu have in early March received confirmation that our most recent audit has been successful and as such are a certified company for 2024.

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In 2024 IAB Ireland are looking to increase the number of Brand Supporters (advertisers) for the Gold Standard. Becoming a Brand Supporter is straightforward, and we encourage our clients to join the initiative.

IAB Ireland contacts are Suzanne McElligott  ( and Maeve O'Meara (