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Kenwood kitchen machines are supposed to be the first choice of Austrians, no matter what kind of food preparation is involved. The marketing goal for 2018 was to maintain market leadership in the kitchen machine segment, further increase market share and achieve the sales target. For communication, the task was to convey the diversity of the kitchen machine adapted to the individual user.

By personalising different usage scenarios, we cover the diversity of the target group and thus guarantee a relevant and individual approach based on the respective usage scenarios using dynamic advertising media.

Along the Consumer Journey we pick up consumers at the relevant touchpoints via display, online video, Google Search and cooperation with media partners during the 4-6 week purchase decision process. In addition, we show users at the right moment the relevant message about divergent dynamic messages in real time. By segmenting the collected data and thus expanding the target group, we were able to create a large number of new user profiles for Kenwood, which in the course of the campaign offered essential added value to the communication. 

In addition to reaching new user segments and the expanded promotion advertising, 132 individually compiled banners were generated.

With 12.9 million impressions, the CTR almost tripled on average compared to 2017 (0.30%), to 0.80%, with top performers of up to 4.80%. Thus 90% Engaged Users were measured on the website - a plus of 300% with only 25% more budget!

This enabled us to increase sales by 16% in Q4 2018 and raise our sales target by 21%. 


Carat was the world's first media agency and is the largest media agency network in DAN. As a pioneer in the industry, Carat has always redefined the value that media brings to its clients' business. In 10 of the last 11 RECMA reports, the agency achieved first place in all qualitative characteristics. To improve brand performance, Carat continues to focus on pioneering consumer research, understanding and activating real, individual people.

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